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  • Valparaiso & Viña del Mar tour

    This tour offers the opportunity of visiting both Valparaiso and Viña del Mar, which are geographically close, yet absolutely so different from one another.

  • Historic Valparaiso Tour


  • Valparaiso and the Casa Blanca Valley

    If you choose this option, we will take you to discover historic Valparaiso, have lunch in the typical and picturesque Central Market and to end the day with an entertaining wine tour and tasting. Dinner at a winery is optional. A perfect combination to have a day full of unforgettable experiences !

  • Minning & Martino Winery Tour

    For those who choose this option, we offer a day with a special and different combination.

  • Historic City Center Tour

    Santiago, founded in 1541 is a halucinating city, full of history, which speaks to us through its neighborhoods, parks, plazas, buildings, museums and monuments.

  • Trekking at El Morado National Monument


    This rarely visited National Monument is a local gem that offers visitors a spectacular glimpse of the wild and rugged high Andean Cordillera.

  • Guided Meseta Trek


    This is a popular Andes trek with fantastic views, providing a quick escape from Santiago.

  • Caminata Pangal


    Breathtaking views of the Andes in the realm of the condor

  • Guided Waterfall Trek


    The right option for people wishing to forget their daily worries as they wander though the nature sanctuary, passing by the enclosure of endangered species (parrots, eagles and pumas) on the way to the waterfalls.

  • “Baños Colina” hot springs tour

    Descubre los espectaculares rincones escondidos del Cajón del Maipo.

  • Zip-line


    Our Zip-line river crossing is perhaps one of the most exciting activities that we offer.

  • Meseta del Alamo

    This is a trip into the heart of the Cascada de las Animas Nature Sanctuary, with an excellent team of guides and wranglers. Delicious food, wine and music under the stars.

  • Corner of the Rodeo

    This ride is a journey to the heart of the valley Corner of the Rodeo, conducted with guides and wranglers are experienced and all necessary equipment to ensure a very pleasant experience.

  • Crossing of the Andes

    Unforgettable trip to the Laguna del Diamante, Argentina, at the foot of the volcano Maipo (5.290 mts. on the level of the sea).

  • Journey to the High Lakes

    A 11 day adventure traveling to the remote alpine lakes of the central Andean wilderness

  • Pangal Horseback Ride


    This is a very popular riding trip and is a wonderful way to spend the day exploring the high Andes. Highlights include fantastic views, clean air, cool mountain streams and soaring condors.

  • The Meseta horse ride


    Our most typical and favorite horse ride.

  • Guayacán Horse Ride


    Enjoy our horse ride with the lowest level of dificulty. With an entertaining route and beautiful landscapes to see.

  • Rafting Maipo River 17 pm

    Gather 8 participants and pay only 6!! Space is limited!!! the best section of the Maipo River. Includes Pool!!

  • Rafting Maipo River at 2 pm.

    Gather 8 participants and pay only 6!! Space is limited!!! the best section of the Maipo River. Includes Pool!!

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