Business company menus

Multiple menu alternatives for every preference

Our most complete and definitive alternative, made with exquisite ingredients.

  • Reception: Coffee or tea, milk, natural fruit juice, acompanied by 2 delicious sandwiches, of ham & grilled cheese and avocado with ricotta cheese.
  • Appetizer: A pisco sour, made with pica lemons, acompanied by a delicious salmon ceviche.
  • Lunch: Chuck loin, chicken, sausage and pork chops barbecue,acompanied by corn, goat cheese, fresh tomatoes & basil salad, lettuce & carrot mix, and potatoes with herb dressing.
    Bread with pebre and roquefort sauce.
  • Beverages: Soft drinks, juices, beer, wine (2 per/person)
  • Dessert choices: Cheesecake, tres leches dessert, meringue with red berries.
  • Coffee, herb tea, Ceylon tea.

Alternative Menu: Fish with sauteed vegetables.

$ 30.800

Suspiro en la Cascada Menu

$ 29.150

Pangal Menu

An exquisite and complete alternative.

  • Reception: Natural fruit juices, soft drinks, coffee, tea, milk.
  • Apetizer: Delicious Pisco Sour (1 p/person )
  • Lunch: Loin & chicken roast with assorted salads (cilantrum & tomato, lettuce, sweet corn w/goat cheese, russian salad)
  • Chilean pebre w/bread.
  • Drinks: wine, beer or soft drinks (1 p/person)
  • Dessert: Tres leches dessert.
  • Coffee, herbal or black tea.

$ 25.300

Simple Cocktail

  • A delicious alternative for enjoying before dinner :
  • Beverages: Pisco sour, red wine, natural fruit juices.
  • Cocktail: A variety of starters : mozarella brochettes, arugula, cherry/meat carpaccio/salmon carpaccio/vegetable rolls with salmon/camembert cheese/vegetable chips.

$ 9.680