Cascada Lodge Suites


The result is a lodge exceptional, designed to ensure comfort, relaxation and well-being of our passengers, and offer them at the same time all the excitement and adventure that is possible to experience in the cordillera of The Andes.

All have a double bed for two and a half squares especially brought from Italy, that can be transformed into two single beds if visitors so wish. Are covered with thin cotton sheets of 450 thread and for pillows made to measure. Naturally, the rooms are additionally equipped with exclusive furniture and household equipment, and implementation of a bathroom.

The elements that make up the interior decor are unique pieces filled with small details. The furnishings were fine wood and organic materials or from recycling, such as wrought iron obtained from old factories today dismantled, and both inside and outside of the rooms abound mosaics made with ceramic and multi-colored that represent various figures, which reinforces the originality of each one of our suites.

The bedrooms lack of right angles, and in some of them the heavens are crowned by sculptures of wood, while in others there is a window aimed in the direction of the firmament. In fact, we put special attention on making the most of natural light, which floods the interior through large windows that look out towards the mountain range.

On the outside we wanted to highlight the tones of the Cajon del Maipo, in such a way that the suites are mimeticen with the privileged environment that surrounds them.